Friday, March 13, 2009

Food for thought!

I usually enjoy having a beer during the weekend, along with some nice food. That's the only time of the week that i indulge in some good, the rest of the week its dieting to loose some stones that had been accumulated over the course of years as a result of overeating and squandering money over junk food and beverages. This weekend also would have been the same if i had not come across this article Its not that i was not aware of this, but the magnitude of the calamity (yes its a calamity); the calamity called hunger is way beyond any comprehensible limits . The thing that i have never known, for me hunger is a phenomenon that occurs while dieting. While in my neighbouring states children are malnourished and deprived of the basic amenities. Its an alarming statistics, a 42.5% of children below 5 are always going hungry, that's not acceptable, in fact its something that i cant even fathom, almost half the countries children go hungry to bed each day. The irony of the entire situation is that , we will never accept this fact, at least the government is oblivious of the fact. If they had been, then how come the system has failed to approach this nagging issue, which has been coyly put forward but our prime minister as a national shame. I hope that something can be done to help, apart from us paying our taxes, voting, not wasting food etc, which is so much cliched. I guess its more of a social responsibility! There is no point in me lamenting about this, i just felt very very bad about it, so thought of venting my feelings, coz i though that none in my floor will find this topic interesting and it probably hamper their spirits and weekend plans, the worst case scenario i might be ridiculed for discussing this, as they might say that the news is false. As for the beer that i had planned, well i must say its still beckoning!

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