Wednesday, June 10, 2009

American on journey to try 50 jobs in 50 weeks in 50 States

Just read this one in a paper! I must admit that the moment i read it i got hooked to the concept. Fancy working in different states in India, getting to know the country better, working on different kind of jobs not necessarily white collar jobs. It can range from gardening, watering the park to working in a cubicle doing something else. It is definitely not for the money, but more of an experience to get a flavour of what lies ahead of you, there is high level of probability that your outlook might change after you have embarked on such an epic journey, then we might stop whining and complaining about the sorry state of affairs back home. I don't know about the feasibility or the job prospects and how long one might be able to survive such a feat, but it surely sounds inviting for the adventurous one.

Is this really possible in India, well tough to say an outright yes as an answer because of the various issues that has penetrated deep into the Indian mindset , the issues range from son of the soil theory, religion ism, caste ism, the binding that you have to your family which might restrict you in going forward, the social stigma that might dwarf the ideas of even the mighty.These are some of the issues. Well there might be n number of reasons to not to venture into such derisory acts but if given the opportunity to indulge into such an adventure i would be the first one vying for it!

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parag menon said...

The concept sounds amazing, people in the western world tend to experiment a lot with things around. I cant say the same about us, but as things are changing i will not be surprised if something ot this sort happens out here.