Thursday, September 4, 2008


Love is in the air! Our dear friend is getting engaged this saturday, this blog has got nothing to do with him. Although he is the main source of inspiration behind this post. How long does it take to fall in love? Cant say, maybe years, maybe seconds, maybe many eons. The duration is very insignificant when compared to the impact that it creates. Time has no binding with the individual in love, the surroundings are extra bright, you feel light at heart. Is it just a chemical reaction in your brain, which stimulates you and keeps you in that state of excitment, or has it got to do more.

I have found out that the people who say that to love is to be weak, it makes you wobbly at heart; are the most gullible victims to fall in love. Even the most tough nuts, crack down, become soft and if there had been any opportunity, I am sure they would run around trees singing and dancing. I havent met a person till now in my life who has not yet been in love. It can be the love of anything, material or immaterial. Love is everywhere, in the eyes of a new couple, in the eyes of a mother, a child, a pet dog, it is omnipotent. We cant find a single film, be it any language devoid of a love or intimacy. If you find people who say that they love nothing, then its just a blatant lie, either they are scared to admit the truth, or they are the ones who love themselves the most.

Why these pompous, pretentious blog on love and that too titled Thoovanathumbikal. Well you can say,inspired form cognisable surrondings. How many of us might have missed out on that movie? I guess those who have missed out on that have missed out on a classic. The protagonist , Jayakrishnan, he is someone with whom we all can identify at some point of time. There is a jayakrishnan lurking within every one of us. I am not sure who amongst us has identified him.

No more incoherent raving on something which even the most blessed philoshophers and poets have failed to comphrehend. Lets savour the few finite moments of life in love and joy, and wish the soon to marry couples Gireesh and Soumya a very happy engagement.


Sabarish Chandrasekharan said...

superb one dude..
I second every line you say in this.

Jojy said...

Well written!!

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thanks said it right...